Al-Boom Sashimi

Slices of sashimi created for sashimi lover’s

Blue Ocean Platter

A big party combo featuring sashimi, nigiri and rolls

Boston Maki

Exciting bites of maki made with prawn, avocado, and cucumber spread into spicy Japanese mayo and and green tobikko (6 pcs).

California Fever

A unique roll made of special chilli teriyaki sauce with prawn, avocado and creamy cheese

Chirashi Box

Mix of sashimi, omelet, tuna, salmon, crab, sweet prawn, octopus with a bed of sushi rice topped off with pickled ginger, wasabi and Japanese soy sauce on side.

Crab Messy Salad
Crab Miso Soup

Miso soup with a twist of crab and fresh bean curd and seaweed

Creamy Boost

Creamy prawn with a tangy hit of garlic sauce

Creamy Seafood Soup

Seafood soup with light cream


Steam fresh green soya beans

Executive Set Box

Sushi set served with mango and avocado salad, combination of nigiri and chirashi, complimented with soya bean soup.

French Fries
French Garlic Bread
Fried Calamari
Gnarly Marley Garden

Veggie vibes in oyster and chilli sauce for those who love their greens.

Greek Salad
Grilled Chicken Breast

Fresh chicken breast packed with chips


A kilo of live or fresh hammour with choice sauces: lemon & garlic butter herbs, chilli pepper & garlic, served with vegetable fried rice

Hand Roll Trio

Cone-rolled prawns, smoked salmon with avocado, and cucumber.

Jazz Maki

Crunchy prawn nibblets dashed with spicy powder

Jazz The Glazz

Wine Cooler*
Per fect as its name suggests (non-alcoholic wine, of course!).

Berries Julep*
Very blackberry (this is cooler than your smar t phone).

Red Punch*
Warning! This signature punch packs a refreshing blow (Ask the bartender for a free spar!).

Frosty Fruity*
Chill and experience rainbow from the North Pole. A twist of raspberry, peach, lemon, and strawberry chunks.

Cool Oasis
Think green. Drink mint. Contains minty fresh mix of orange, lychee and orange juice.

Minty Daiqueri
A minty treat for Ariel and other celebrity mermaids.

Blue Margarita
Totally far out like Leo’s beach. Ride the waves with a cool crush of the tropics.

Jade Fizz
Get in the mood like Jack and Rose with a hint of almond and lime.

Bloody Mary
The crazy sharks from Jaws love this classic mélange of flavours.

Red Royale
A hardcore fix for Blackbeard the pirate. Fusion of black currant and white wine.

* signature cocktail

Joe D' Mango
Lamb Chops

4 pcs. of lamb chops served with onion rings and chips

Lava Chill

1kilo of fresh lobster with your choice of chef sauce, cheese & butter, lemon & garlic butter sauce, paired with vegetable fried rice

Makimono Tray

Assorted makimono rolls for a big group with light soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger (42 pcs)

Miso Soup

Light soya bean soup topped with fresh bean-curd and dried seaweed and spring onions

Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice
Mussel Rollet

Fresh mussels with special sauces. Pick and dip in lemon & butter, cheese & butter, or Singaporean sauce

Nigiri Tray

A combination of nigiri and the fresh catch of the day with tobikko, tuna, salmon, unagi eel, crabs, sweet ebi and octopus

Niwa Ebi Roll

Fried prawns, cucumber, lettuce spread with Japanese mayonnaise set aside with wasabi, pickled ginger and Japanese soy sauce.

Non Alcoholic Beers
  • Bavaria
  • 3 Horses
  • Holstein
  • Sansberg
Non Alcoholic Wines
  • Ariel Rouge
  • Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Ariel Blanc
  • Ariel White Zinfandel

2 pieces medium fresh pomfret with your choice of sauces, either chilli pepper or garlic sauce coupled with vegetable fried rice

Poseidon's Kingdom

Featuring a generous combo, the Big Kahuna with a humongous plate of selected fishes forms a feast fit for a Kingdom.
1 mixed of seashell seafood;
2 cheese & butter lobster;
8 lemon garlic butter & chilli pepper garlic king prawn;
8 creamy garlic mussels;
4 whole grilled calamari;
1 lemon garlic butter butterflied hammour;
1secret herbs seabream,;
1 chilli pepper garlic pomfret;
2 portions of chips and vegetable fried rice

* Combo

Red Ocean Sen Box

Total combo with salmon teriyaki, california maki, fried tofu, crab meat and omelette sashimi, miso soup on the side

Red Shrimp Basket

12 pieces king prawn with your choice of chef-style sauce (black pepper sauce, Red Shrimp special sauce, cheese & butter, Thai cream & chilli sauce garlic) served with vegetable fried rice.

Red Shrimp Signature

Shred through the humongous plate of real red shrimp lovin'!

Red Singaporean Pincher

Mud Crab1 kilo of live or fresh mud crab topped with your choice of special sauces - Red Shrimp special, black pepper sauce, Thai chilli sauce and Singaporean style served with vegetable fried rice.

Sakeyaki Maki

Delight in a unique mix of chili, tuna, and salmon with chili mayonnaise sauce to die for (10 pcs).

Sashimi Koibito

Contains slices of tuna and salmon with premium wasabi and pickled ginger with real Japanese soy sauce (10 pcs).


600 grams of fresh seabream marinated in exotic herb sauce served with vegetable fried rice

Seafood Fried Rice
Seafood Salad
Seafood Spring Roll

Minced seafood rolled into delicious fingerlings

Seafood Starter Platter
Sho Sho Jin Bento

Vegetable and seafood combo which includes a mix of tempura, fresh bean-curd, mango, and avocado salad. Packed with Japanese rice and soya bean soup.

Shrimp Caesar Salad
Shrimp Cake

Mince prawn form like a cake with a secret sauce of the chef and serve to 5 pcs.

Shrimp Pandan Leaves

Breaded deep fried prawn wrapped into fragrant pandan leaves (5 pcs)

Shrimp Shots

Prawn topped with spicy mayo on a bed of coleslaw

Sunomono Salad

Sliced cucumber with dried Japanese seaweed and sweet vinegar sprinkled in toasted sesame seeds.

T-Bone Steak

Choice cut of T-bone steak with corn on a cob

Tempura Moraiwase

Classic combo of vegetable, crab, and prawn tempura

The Big Kahuna

Mixed seashell entry:
1 cheese & butter lobster;
8 pieces king prawn in lemon garlic butter and chilli pepper;
1 piece herb-marinate seabream;
2 whole calamari iron grill;
6 pieces creamy mussels;
2 portions of chips and vegtable fried rice

* Combo

The Iceberg
Thom Yum Kung

Light spicy Thai soup with a handful of mixed seafoods

Tiger Prawn

5 pieces of fresh tiger prawn with a choice of signature sauce (black pepper, cheese & butter, Thai cream sauce, chilli pepper garlic sauce) topped with vegetable fried rice.